The History

For Gamer From Gamers was first formed in 1998 in the office of Spheric: Student News at the City University: Hunter College by Charles O. Lucas, Scott Copeland, and David Gonzalez.  The team took a break.

On September 25, 2013, two founding members Charles Lucas, David Gonzalez, Joseph Todaro, Aaron Barton, Jeffrey Feck, and Katharina Ledic-Lucas, came back together to reform the company with new energy.

In MAY 31ST, 2018 the company and owned by Charles Lucas, David Gonzalez, and Katharina Ledic-Lucas, due to financial issues.

Charles O. Lucas and David Gonzalez and work bring games in 2021 under For Gamers From Gamers.

David Gonzalez has opened his own 2D & 3D Studio and Charles Lucas is taking classes becoming a DevOps Engineer and Software Engineer.

For Gamers From Gamers is back and going strong.