16406949_373694463001621_946902707348186530_nFor Gamers From Gamers LLC

We are an independent game studio. We provide the Best Entertainment Solutions Around! We are nuts..! We fit the needs of the Gamer Community.

We are currently working on a new project for an… original game titles. Thank you for your interest in our company!

We are currently under construction and we hope to have content and other items up shortly. Please check back often while we build things here.

Mission Statement:

We will return to a building as a game studio.

An individual can come to us and sign an agreement to publish and present there work for a percentage of profits.

The individual keeps all their copyrights and intellectual property, if they leave the company and want to go to someone else the can we just a fee for breaking the contract.

We agree to build up you and your brand for as long as the individual is under contract.

We own nothing. You own everything.

The History:

For Gamer From Gamers was first formed in 1998 in the office of Spheric: Student News at the City University: Hunter College by Charles O. Lucas, Scott Copeland, and David Gonzalez.  The team took a break.

On September 25, 2013, two of founding members Charles Lucas, David Gonzalez Joseph Todaro, Aaron Barton, Jeffrey Feck, and Katharina Ledic-Lucas, came back together to reform the company with new energy.

Our Current Team and Managing Partners:


Charles Onaje Lucas

Katharina Ledic-Lucas

IT Support


Vizo Allman